A group of MPs investigates what makes a sustainable school How much do MPs really know about education? Find out, as we go behind the scenes at the Parliamentary Select Committee for Education and Skills. When you hear that ‘a group of MPs has found’ you can bet it’s a Select Committee that’s been doing the finding. The cross party group of MPs puts party politics aside and members pool their skills as they investigate what makes a sustainable school. With £45 billion set to be spent on rebuilding or refurbishing schools over the next 15 years, the committee has been charged with finding out how these schools can be built to last – and they quickly find there’s a lot more to it than windmills and solar panels. Follow the MPs round the country as they visit some of the most innovative new builds and talk to experts from not only education, but construction and design. Then, find out what happens when they haul government ministers in front of the committee to find out exactly how much they know.

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