A year 6 maths investigation class is being disrupted by three troublesome pupils.

Everyone is settling down after morning break but a playground incident has run over into learning time; Dylan has knocked one of his classmates during a game of football ? now he?s winding up the boys on his table and threatening to smash their work. Latesha is good at making it look like she?s working hard, but she and her friends are writing notes and picking on Josie. Charlie is the class wanderer, he can?t stop fidgeting and today he?s sneaked in a PSP ? he?ll find any excuse not to work.

This interactive SIM lets you try out three different strategies to tackle each of their disruptive behaviours. There are lessons to be learnt from both the two successful options and the one that doesn?t work.

Behaviour Management expert Paul Dix returns to the BEHAVIOUR CHALLENGE to analyse your response, giving advice and encouragement along the way.

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