A relaxation video journeying through the solar system Take a journey across our serene universe in this video to help you relax and reduce stress, designed with advice from an expert psychologist. This film illustrates the sheer scale of the cosmos – from Britain, the vision turns to the planetary system and on to the universe. When watching this film you recognise that there is so much more to life than the daily grind and the day-to-day hassles that we experience. This film enables us to place our existence into perspective. The stresses and strains that accompany our fast-paced lives are placed into context when we observe the vastness and sheer magnitude of the solar system. There is so much more going on than our routine hassles. The film is full of vibrant colours and the contrast of light on dark symbolises the brightness of life and existence. The best time to watch this film is when you are feeling generally stressed about life/work hassles. The expert adviser was psychologist Dr Victoria Galbraith.

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