A look at how KS3 curriculum changes are performing in practice This programme looks at how some of the new thinking involved in the wholesale reforms of the Key Stage 3 curriculum are working in practice on the ground. Pupils at St George’s School in Blackpool are making chocolate. It’s a fun activity and, perhaps unsurprisingly, popular. But the senior leadership team is convinced that projects like this are key to improving the quality of teaching and learning, and to improving results. Teachers explain that a project to design, package and market a new chocolate bar teaches adult skills that are essential for survival in the modern world. These include planning, co-operation with colleagues in a team, and the ability to evaluate. Elsewhere in the school, pupils are encouraged to debate. Again, the emphasis is on acquiring the skills and competencies that can make pupils independent speakers. At first pupils are reluctant to participate, but after some coaching in basic presentation skills they are eager to stand up in front of their peers.

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