A KS1 science look at light sources, with dog-walking in the dark Dick is taking his black labrador dog Woody for a walk in the woods. Dick puts Woody on his lead. We briefly catch a glimpse of Woody’s collar with his dog tag. Dick puts on his coat and puts his torch in his pocket. In the woods Woody is let off his lead and goes sniffing around. Soon it is quite dark and Dick can’t see Woody anywhere. He calls for him – but nothing. Remembering he has a torch in his pocket Dick shines it all around the woods. All of a sudden there is a glint in the darkness. It is Woody’s dog tag reflecting the light from the torch. Dick and Woody are happily reunited and head for home. This Lesson Starter helps children realise that a light source is needed to enable us to see.
PROMPT QUESTION: Why was Dick able to find Woody in the dark woods?

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