Year 10 pupils boosting their education with weekend classes The Upward Bound scheme was introduced to this country by Howard Jeffrey of City and Islington College. It selects fifteen Year 10 pupils from each school and offers them the chance, over the two-year GCSE period, to boost their education with Saturday morning classes at the college.

The children selected are considered to have potential to achieve five A-C grades at GCSE, though likely to be helped by an academic top-up. They may have difficult home circumstances or come from families where there is little history of academic achievement.

The scheme is sponsored by the Brewers Trust, who contribute £30,000 per year. It appears to work – in 2001/2002, 29 out of 30 students completed the scheme successfully, and 70% recorded five A-C grades at GCSE.

The programme explores how a partnership between a college and two secondary schools is having a huge impact on educational achievement in one London borough, and looks at the implications of the scheme being introduced elsewhere.

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