School Improvement Consultancy

The Government has made it clear that a school’s main priorities should be to drive forward standards in learning and teaching, tackling underachievement and raise levels of attainment.

Are you confident that you and your staff can successfully drive School Improvement in your school and meet these expectations?

Are you struggling to raise levels of attainment and achievement and sustain success?

Are you aware of the School Improvement strategies having the greatest impact in raising standards in schools today?

How can you ensure that your school is offering the highest quality School Improvement CPD training and consultancy linked to the New Ofsted Framework and enables you to achieve the highest levels of performance?

You need look no further: We are passionate about providing unrivalled, first class training and consultancy support to schools on a personalised level, so it has real impact on achievement and standards.

Our new unparalleled School Improvement courses will support you to embrace new initiatives and be well equipped to address the continual changes in the educational landscape. Many schools Nationally choose us as we design personalised training and consultancy packages for them that focus on their high priority development areas highlighted in their School Improvement Plans.

We know schools benefit so much more from personalised training choices than from generalised courses offered to all schools – we can help you decide the best School Improvement training and consultancy options for your school.

We get to know our audience in advance of the training to make sure the training and consultancy match the levels of understanding and knowledge and skills of all delegates. This means that all schools can be certain that the School Improvement training package selected will be designed with their school staff and stakeholders in mind. Whatever your choice you can be sure you will get excellent School Improvement training and consultancy support.

We’re always mindful of how we can best serve schools and provide the highest quality service. You will be trained by leading experts and innovative practitioners who will provide your staff team with the tools to optimize achievement and success in your school.

We provide many different combinations of School Improvement training and consultancy packages to choose from, so you can choose what is best for your staff team, alternatively you can request a programme of your choice which will be personally designed to meet the needs of your school. If you’re always searching for School Improvement continuing professional development that meets your unique school’s needs you’ll be pleased to know that all your training requests can be met by our professional team RAISEonline /FFT.

School Improvement training courses are planned to keep you updated and able to meet the challenges faced by schools in the 21st century. Your staff will benefit from being informed of National initiatives and latest research on school and classroom strategies and approaches to raise standards of achievement and attainment.

When you choose us you will benefit from personalised presentations, guidance notes, self- evaluation tools, e-resources, website information, CPD training resources and access to our School Improvement training site offering a wealth of training ,materials to support your in school training needs.

In OFSTED Inspections judgements about the standards achieved by your pupils ‘are of paramount importance.

Our School Improvement training seminars also focus on how OFSTED Inspectors use data to inform their judgements about standards of achievement in schools. The School Improvement training package will also focus on how OFSTED Inspectors judge pupils’ attainments and the quality of teaching and learning when making judgements about a school’s effectiveness.

School Improvement Trainings are personalised to all school categories: Inadequate, Satisfactory, Good and Outstanding.

Our School Improvement training sessions will also provide you with the key questions to ask leading your school to evaluate your own performance and OFSTED inspectors to confirm the accuracy of your judgements.

Your staff will be guided on how to best contribute to the achievements and progress of each individual pupil and influence the overall year on year effectiveness of the school.

The School Improvement training package will also provide your staff and governors with the statistical literacy needed amongst teachers, governors and OFSTED Inspectors to monitor and evaluate patterns and trends of pupil and school performance.

The School Improvement training will support your Senior Management Team to take account of Subject Performance and ascertain how well you compare with other schools and identify strengths and weaknesses across all subject areas, cohorts, key stages, Pupil groups and individual students.

Our School Improvement training will also support your school to investigate the following key questions:

  • What is at the root of trends over time?
  • What are your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats?
  • What are your high priority School Improvement areas?
  • What are the patterns of performance for different types of pupils?
  • Which teaching approaches are most effective in Inadequate, Satisfactory, Good and High Performing Schools?


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Our trainers will require the use of an ICT Suite (or similar) with access to the internet. The maximum number of delegates per session should be 15 to provide quality training.

To make an enquiry about ASSET for Schools or RAISEonline and Fischer Family Trust Training & Consultancy courses, please call 0844 504 5812 or fill out our Booking / Enquiry form.