Bayley gives a new headteacher misbehaviour advice for Year 9 Frankley High School is a small comprehensive on the outskirts of Birmingham. Six months ago Ofsted reported remarkable progress at the school, but they also identified an issue with pupil misbehaviour which unsettles the start of lessons.

John Bayley visits to help new Headteacher, Jonathan Wilding, come up with a solution. Bayley finds that pupil immaturity and low self esteem lie behind the problem. His advice to Jonathan is to find more ways to increase pupil independence so they can overcome their immaturity and take more responsibility for their behaviour. John also observes Jonathan teach a year 9 maths class and he suggests that giving pupils more independence in lessons would also improve pupil learning. John returns a month later to find the maths class has improved and that a start has been made to giving the pupils more independence, but some problems with behaviour remain.

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