Children learn how to deal with uncomfortable feelings This programme, made shortly after the July 7th London bombings, shows the sensitive ways that one school helped young children work through their uncomfortable feelings about the bombs.

Teachers at Hillcross Primary School introduce Reception children to a persona doll, taking on the role of a child in central London on the day of the bombs. The children ask the doll questions and this approach helps them find ways of dealing with and giving voice to uncomfortable feelings, which they might otherwise find difficult.

Hot seating is used to introduce children to people in the ‘helping’ professions – in this case a policeman who was on duty at one of the bomb sites. Children ask questions and take turns ‘being’ a police officer while their classmates question them.

Role-play in a hospital setting helps children deal with feelings arising in more everyday situations and in a painting session, the children explore all their feelings where there is no teacher intervention.

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