A school \”opts out” to get healthier dinners for its pupils Southdown Infants school near Bath started their own catering business in order to ensure healthy and nutritional dinners for their pupils. Inspired by the Headteacher’s belief that additive and fat saturated meals were responsible for poor behaviour patterns, the governors decided to opt out from their LEA catering provider.

Three years on the children’s concentration and behaviour levels have improved, they are the proud winners of the Soil Association Award for Best School Dinner 2004 and their business is becoming profitable as other schools are keen to buy in food prepared from their kitchens.

This programme explores the risks of opting out from the LEA provider, how governors have taken responsibility for recruitment and health and safety and how they perceive the future of school catering. It shows the active role that the governors take in raising schools standards and the practical way they support the vision of the Headteacher and make an idea a reality.

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