Dealing with the pressures of a new job and fatherhood Teachers TV’s life coach Gladeana McMahon is called upon to help a thirty-something new to teaching, marriage and fatherhood! Robin Bishop has only been teaching for four years, following a career in industry. His progress was swift and he became head of history at Ashdown Technology College, Poole inside a year. In the past 12 months Robin has got married, moved into his first home with his new wife and became a dad for the first time. More responsibility at home has meant that Robin does less school work at home, which creates more work in school, which puts him under pressure! Robin loves his life but feels he is struggling to live it due to work commitments and the dramatic developments in his personal life. He thinks he needs to be more productive with his time during school hours and asks Gladeana to help him create some strategies to make him more effective at school. This might be the first time Gladeana has to implement change at home rather than school!

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