A life coach helps a primary teacher better manage her time Life coach Gladeana McMahon’s challenge in this programme is to come to the aid of a teacher who puts so much time into planning her lessons that she has no time left for a personal life. Single mum Sophia Mahmood doesn’t like the possibility of being caught out by a question she can’t answer from one of her pupils. So once her son Hassan has had his bedtime story and is safely tucked up in bed, she spends hours and hours preparing her lessons. She would love to read a book or exercise in the gym she’s set up in the spare room, but there’s simply no time. For fourteen years Sophia has taught at Brierfield Walter Street Primary in Nelson and loves it there. She knows she is working too much and wants help to identify shortcuts that won’t compromise her commitment to the children in her class. So what advice will Gladeana have for this teacher who has spent her entire teaching career in the same school?

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