Stories of both inspiring and frustration pupils Presenter Peter Curran elicits more great stories from a group of top teachers about the pupils who’ve had the biggest impact on them, and from whom they’ve learnt the most.

We hear about the inspiring ambition of pupils from deprived backgrounds, the frustration and pleasure that resulted in trying to convert ‘too-cool-for-school’ inner-city London pupils to the joys of learning. The feelings of responsibility that rest with the teacher when the home environment is filled with stress and suspected aggression from a parent, and the transforming effect that such a child can have on a teacher. There’s the tale of how some unmotivated pupils were transformed by working alongside older pupils on the school farm, and became an inspiration for fellow pupils and other teachers, and a look at how inspiration can result from taking risks to get results from ‘difficult’ pupils.

The panel of teachers are: Simon Horrocks, Claire Willis, Christopher Jenner Cole and Howard Wood.

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