Tips on finding the correct work/life balance In today’s hectic school life it can be very difficult step back, take a deep breath and see where you could be saving time. This series of Time Savers Shorts sees experienced teacher Jo Parry return to the screen with bite-sized chunks of advice based on her own experiences as a busy teacher and manager. Jo gets plagued with people asking her questions, wanting a quick chat and trying to set up meetings with her. All part of a busy teacher’s life, but when you’re trying to get things done, the distractions can waste lots of time. Jo tells us how she deals fairly but firmly with people who distract her, ensuring their needs are met without sacrificing her own needs. She also tells us her method for returning phonecalls at a time that pleases everybody. Jo also chats to drama teacher Les and finds out how he puts the time and effort into his students’ productions without sacrificing his home life.

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