The issues that surround admitting an SEN child to a school A panel of governors wrestle with the hypothetical but life-like dilemmas posed when a child with special needs is admitted to a new school. They hear that the child has been admitted in the face of opposition from the head, who’s concerned about the additional resources the pupil requires. It soon becomes clear that the pupil is living with foster parents and the panel must ensure that their responses are consistent with the Every Child Matters agenda and a multi-agency approach to the challenges posed by the pupil’s needs. This includes the head teacher’s receipt of a letter from a teacher governor complaining about the additional workload the pupil generates. The panel discuss the school’s policies and debate how best they can be implemented in this case.

Governor expert, Paul McGann, who has many years of experience at LEA level, assesses their responses to the scenarios and passes on helpful advice and guidance.

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