Can the new KS3 curriculum help English teachers raise standards? When Joanne Wilson arrived as learning consultant at Unity College in Burnley, she embraced the new KS3 curriculum to help re-invent a failing English department. The flexibility and creativity of the KS3 curriculum can help re-motivate English department staff and students at a school under an Ofsted ‘Notice to Improve’.

Joanne delivers a training session for the English department advising on how to make best use of the new curriculum. Joanne then develops and team-teaches a Year 7 reading lesson with Kelly Smith, using a ‘bus stop’ technique to get the children moving round the classroom. The pupils present their findings and engage in peer assessment, levelling each other’s work according to the APP sub-strands. Then in a moderation session the English department assesses the class’s work. And four months on we see the effect of the new curriculum on pupil progress and motivation in English.

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