Pupils are introduced to some aspects of Islam This programme shows how Wylde Green Primary School in Sutton Coldfield approaches teaching about Islam.

The school has 400 pupils and staff and has been commended by OFSTED for its racial harmony. About ten per cent of the children are from the ethnic community.

The headteacher, Peter Barnett, wants everyone in the school to share their experiences of different faiths to encourage an ethos of mutual respect and sees the RE curriculum as an integral part of this.

Teacher and RE coordinator Edris Gaibee, is a theology graduate and Muslim. He prepares and delivers lessons about the mosque to his Year 2 class and then to Year 6.

The Year 2 lesson covers the importance of prayer within the Islamic faith. After seeing a variety of prayer mats, the children design their own based on an outline of the mosque. In Year 6, elements of geography and Design and Technology come into play as the class find out more about the origins of Islam and locate Mecca using a compass and atlas.

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