A look at visualisation techniques in maths Anne Farrell, maths co-ordinator at St Gregory’s School in Sandwell, teaches visualisation techniques to a Year Three class.

With the class facing her in rows, pupil demonstrators assist Anne firstly with 6÷3. Clara moves six cups from a resources table to a maths table. She looks at them and wonders how many piles of three cups there would be. The class all know it’s two piles.

Similar demonstrations follow for 6÷6, and, with the use of cups cut into half, 3÷1/2.

Callum demonstrates 6÷1. Pairs work with large numbers and discover a rule, that a number divided by itself always equals 1.

In a second lesson, Anne shows how she uses supportive group work. One group continues to consolidate the basics with cups, while others work with counters in pairs to solve problems with larger numbers.

Anne has a small group who she challenges to divide 600÷200.

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