How 3D animation can deliver ICT and art to Key Stage 2 A fascinating illustration of how a 3D animation project can be used to help deliver both ICT and Art units of the curriculum to Key Stage 2 pupils.

Higher Level Teaching Assistant Sarah Taylor is making a 3D animated film with the 9 year 5 and year 6 children at Horton Primary School in rural Gloucestershire. They have recently completed an art module about movement, taking Degas’ ballerinas as their subject. Now the plan is to take their 2D pictures a stage further, by creating an animation based on the book \”Degas and the Little Dancer\”.

Sarah is bringing together 2 QCA units: ICT unit 6a – Making a multi media presentation, and Art unit 6a – People in action. Observing Sarah are 2 experts: filmmaker Kari Nygaard, and Diana Bogie, CPD and Creative Partnerships Advisor.

The children storyboard and then create characters out of modelling clay. They film them in tiny movements, and edit their footage into a finished film, which they show to the whole school.

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