See how Indian schools teach the history of the British Empire As the British Empire becomes a set topic at KS3, we visit India to explore how British rule is taught in the country’s schools today.

The role of the British in India has always been highly controversial, not least in the country itself, where, 60 years after independence, the imperialist rulers have left an indelible stamp on the country’s education system. The programme compares teaching of the subject in two of the countrys elite private schools, Bluebells and the Indian School, and in one of the country’s new rural ‘academies’. Indian children passionately debate the pros and cons of British rule, showing a sophisticated understanding of what the British did and didn’t do for their country.

The film also explores the politics behind history teaching in India, and the fierce controversy surrounding the recent publication of new thematic history textbooks. The academic behind the initiative questions the dominating influence of royal lineage in the UK’s history curriculum.

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