The team help out with homework and marking With today’s hectic school life, it can be very difficult to take a step back and see where you could be saving time. But our Time Savers team of experts can help.
In this episode they dish up some timesaving tips and tricks about homework and marking that every teacher can instantly adapt and use. These include colour-coding feedback, a learning road diagram and setting homework over a longer period so that there isn’t so much to mark!
The Time Savers team of educational gurus visit three teachers at different schools to give them ideas to help reduce their workload which they then road-test. Jane Dixon, an early years expert, is off to see Leroy Holcroft at Lowercroft Primary, Lisa Cook, a thinking skills specialist goes to meet Helen Wilson at Macclesfield High and Nick Packard who covers ICT and technology visits Jenny Evans at Worth Primary.

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