Illustrate the food chain with a playful KS2 science video This comic dramatisation can be used to demonstrate how a food chain works and how it can be disrupted. It is ideal for use as a lesson starter in KS2 science, and is especially suitable for use with Year 4.

We are introduced to four animals who explain their place in the food chain: the fox eats the hedgehog, the hedgehog eats the caterpillar and the caterpillar eats the plant. However, when the caterpillar leaves for the big city, there are repercussions on the whole food chain. No caterpillars means fewer hedgehogs, and no hedgehogs means a hungry fox. But at least the plants can grow contentedly.

The question posed to the students at the end is: how has the caterpillar’s departure affected each of the others in the chain?

See the accompanying teachers’ notes by primary science adviser John Stringer for further notes explaining the science behind the problems, and suggested extension activities.

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