Two primary schools embed the Gifted and Talented programme Schools must identify 5% to 10% of their most able pupils as gifted and talented. How can this best include children from all walks and backgrounds and how can schools ensure that all children are challenged in their work every single day? This programme shows how two inner-city primary schools have implemented the Gifted and Talented programme using the core principles of provision, identification and monitoring. It looks at the benefits the schools have reaped.

For example, teachers at Christchurch Primary School embed techniques in the classroom – creating opportunities to show talents, embracing different learning styles and using different forms of identification. At Hampden Gurney, children use imagination and creativity to think beyond the paper and use higher-level thinking skills. These skills can be employed across all subjects – whether pupils are writing play scripts, classifying animals, solving problems in science or working on space and shape in art.

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