Gifted and Talented Consultancy and Training

The Gifted and Talented Consultancy and TrainingTM Package

* focus on sharing the best policy and practice in Gifted and Talented provision. You will examine Key Messages and Ofsted expectations for Gifted and Talented Education.

* aims to provide excellent advice on the Roles and Responsibilities of Gifted and Talented Coordinators and the best methods for Evaluating Gifted and Talented provision and building an excellent bank of evidence to demonstrate Impact and Overall Effectiveness in Ofsted terms.

* covers classroom management and practical ways to monitor and assess Gifted and Talented provision using the two sets of Quality Standards – Institutional Quality Standards (IQS) and Classroom Quality Standards (CQS) specifically designed to improve classroom practice.

* also focus on the learning characteristics and needs of gifted and talented learners and aims to help teachers identify gifted and talented pupils and review classroom teaching and learning strategies. The training will also include practical classroom strategies to provide extension and challenge and opportunities to develop higher order thinking and problem solving skills:

Using Blooms Taxonomy, Subject and Topic Tasc Wheels, Debono’s 6 Thinking Hats, Thinkers Keys and Mighty Motivators to develop higher order thinking, critical thinking and higher order problem solving.

Using Every Child Matters, Personalised Learning and OFSTED criteria the training course also aims to share Ofsted aspects of outstanding practice.

The CPD training will also provide you with numerous Gifted and Talented resources, e-formation and guidance notes to support your school, Senior Management Team, teaching staff, Governors and gifted and talented learners.

What you will learn:

  • How to Identify Gifted and Talented pupils
  • How to provide quality provision for Gifted and Talented pupils
  • Curriculum Challenge for Gifted and Talented pupils – Higher order thinking and Problem Solving
  • OFSTED – Aspects of good/outstanding practice – Quality Provision and Practice for Gifted and Talented pupils
  • How to monitor, track and evaluate excellent Gifted and Talented policy and practice
  • Institutional Quality Standards for Gifted and Talented Education
  • Classroom Quality Standards for Gifted and Talented Education


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