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1 Hour FREE RAISEonline Training sessions for Schools

The FREE 1 hour RAISEonline Training Course

  • focuses on Improving Progress Measures to support Driving School Improvement.
  • provides an opportunity to gain excellent guidance and advice to support you to raise progress measures across Subjects and all Pupil Groups in your school.

The training session is designed to support you to:

  • ensure your VA scores for all pupils reach 100 (primaries) / 1000 (secondaries) for all pupils/pupil groups in your school
  • analyse your school progress across the school
  • help you to ensure your school interventions have a great impact across all pupils and pupil groups in your school
  • provide you with the tools, knowledge and expertise to calculate your own pupil/school value added scores quickly and easily


  • How to analyse School Progress across your school
  • How to ensure your Value Added scores reach 100 (Primary), 1000(Secondary) for all pupils/pupil groups
  • Tools to calculate your own school/pupil Value Added Scores in 3 quick easy steps.
  • Ofsted New Framework Sep 2012 – VA Progress
  • Evidencing your drive to raise VA measure

Ofsted will also look for evidence relating to:

  • the proportion of pupils making and exceeding expected progress is high compared with national figures
  • pupils making rapid and sustained progress across many subjects, including English and mathematics
  • the learning, quality of work and progress of groups of pupils, particularly those who are disabled, those who have special educational needs and those for whom the pupil premium provides support, show that they achieve exceptionally well
  • where the proportion making expected progress overall is lower than that found nationally, it is improving over a sustained period
  • the school takes effective action to enable most pupils, including disabled pupils and those with special educational needs, to reach their potential.
  • the standards of attainment of almost all groups of pupils are likely to be at least in line with national averages, with many pupils attaining above this.

How you can be fully prepared for a Good/Outstanding OFSTED and closely track Progress measures?

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Primary Free 1 Hour RAISEonline Training Sessions in London

21st Nov 2014Full
11th Dec 2014Full
30th Jan 2015Full
26th Feb 20156 Places Left
23rd Mar 20155 Places Left
30th Apr 20156 Places Left
22nd May 20159 Places Left
23rd Jun 20157 Places Left
15th Jul 20158 Places Left
21st Sep 20156 Places Left

Secondary Free 1 hour RAISEonline Training SessionsIf the times and dates do not suit you, please let us know, we may provide additional training sessions on alternative dates to accommodate requests.

VenueMarch 2015Jun 2015July 2015
Birmingham6th Mar25th June 17th July
Bournemouth29th June
Bristol30th June
Cambridge24th June
Leeds10th Mar 18th June9th July
Liverpool11th Mar16th June 7th July
Manchester12th Mar17th June8th July
Newcastle13th Mar 19th June 10th July
Oxford16th July
Southampton13th July

We are the only National Training Company offering this FREE 1 hour RAISEonline Interactive Training to schools – book now to attend a session that suits you.If the times and dates do not suit you, please let us know, we may provide additional training sessions on alternative dates to accommodate requests.

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