Dedicated staff overcome limited facilities at Parliament Hill Parliament Hill School for Girls in north London has limited facilities for teaching practical cooking but they have a big advantage – their staff. Not only is there a dedicated Food Technologist in Head of Department James Sharp, but two deputy heads are also food specialists. The students too are creative and ambitious cooks, describing how they prepare dishes ranging from fresh fruit pavlova to home-made pasta and pesto, from canelloni to stuffed vegetables. As James says, it’s about retaining the best of Design and Technology but emphasising the culinary skills. Or as Deputy Sheila Gibbons says more practically, everybody needs to be able to cook because we’re never going to stop eating! Finally we see how Parliament Hill is supporting neighbouring William Ellis Boys School by holding a cooking club for their Year 10 and 11 boys. Inside the kitchen we see a curry paste being freshly prepared by the students and you can almost smell the exotic massaman curry.

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