Q. What is RAISEonline?

A. RAISEonline is a much-improved data analysis tool for use by schools, LAs, School Improvement Partners (SIPs) and Ofsted inspectors from summer 2006. RAISEonline will enable you to:  examine context, attainment and value added data, explore hypotheses about pupil performance, analyse question level data for National, Optional and Progress tests and set and moderate pupil targets.

Q. How do I access RAISEonline?

A. The new package is an internet-based application accessed via a secure log-on system. As it is  web-based, users do not need to download or buy any specific hardware or software to access the system. You can access it here: https://www.raiseonline.org/

Q. Who can access RAISEonline?

A. RAISEonline is available to all mainstream-maintained Primary and Secondary schools in England.

Q. How does RAISEonline fit with Ofsted’s inspection arrangements?

A. The inspection arrangements require schools to make judgments about their strengths and weaknesses and provide evidence to back up what they say. The self-evaluation form (SEF) provides a framework for doing this and the type of analysis that will be available in RAISEonline should help the school undertake this self-evaluation process.

Q. What kind of information will I be using in RAISEonline?

A. RAISEonline allows the interactive examination of data at the school, group, pupil and question level for pupils at Key Stages 1 to 4. Grouping and filtering features will allow users to explore their own hypotheses. Where data is not centrally available, schools will be able to import it into the system themselves.

Q. What opportunities will there be for evaluating pupil progress with RAISEonline?

A. RAISEonline provides the opportunity to look at contextual value added (CVA) progress to Key Stage 2,3 and 4. Alongside this the system will allow analysis of conversion information. It is possible to import data for Optional and Progress tests, thus giving better tracking of pupil performance and progress over time. There is a target-setting section of the system which will enable the setting and moderating of pupil targets.

Q. How can I share the analysis in RAISEonline?

A. All interactive analysis generated in RAISEonline can be exported in a range of formats to suit different purposes e.g. as an excel file to undertake further analysis offline. There will also be the facility to share a link to a particular piece of analysis within the system. Additionally, a full report is available to download by all users.

Q. How will RAISEonline integrate with my existing Management Information System?

A. RAISEonline accepts data in CTF formats with a CSV file available for data items that fall outside of this. There is a facility for manual data input. Data can be exported from the system in a variety of formats, including XML or as an Excel file.

Q. Will I be able to make amendments to the data in RAISEonline?

A. All schools will have a centrally-provided dataset that will remain fixed, and the opportunity to make amendments to an amended dataset. It is possible to analyse the effect of the changes made as part of the school’s interactive analysis.

Q. If I amend the data in RAISEonline will it immediately be viewable by all users of the system?

A. No, amended datasets will be owned by the school and it will be up to them to share analysis based on amended data with other users. The full report will only be produced based on centrally-provided data.