At what point should schools exclude? Ted Wragg directs teachers and managers using role play to provide solutions to challenging problems.

Professor Ted Wragg conducts an imaginary case study with eight expert panellists. They have to decide whether they will exclude a primary pupil who bites, a teenage girl who wilfully ignores the dress code and a Rastafarian student who both smokes and fights to uphold his position as leader of a gang.

The panellists investigate at what point a school should decide to exclude and how much weight can be given to extenuating circumstances. They discuss the scenario where teachers refuse to have a pupil in their classes upon his return from exclusion.

Panelists include: Rachel Macfarlane, head of Walthamstow School for Girls, Richard Rieser, director of Disability Equality in Education, Easter Russell, an exclusions officer and Ron Haycock from the National Union of Teachers.

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