Discover the intentions behind the vocational 14-19 diplomas The Government’s response to the Tomlinson Report on 14-19 Reform has been the creation of the Diploma, to be introduced alongside other current qualifications, such as A-levels. The Diploma is seen as a radically new type of qualification, mixing the vocational with the academic, with a structure and curriculum developed with input from employers. With the first 5 Diplomas being rolled out across the country from September 2008, School Matters takes a timely look into what this new qualification is all about, and explores the logistical, training and credibility challenges it faces if it is to be successfully introduced.

Featuring comment from students, teachers, and local authorities, as well as Ken Boston, QCA Chief Executive; Jim Knight, Minister for Schools; Malcolm Trobe, ACSL president of the Association of School and College Leaders; Darren Northcott, NASWUT and Wendy Piatt, Director General of the Russell Group of elite universities.

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