Data Interpretation for Governors

We are aware that Governors may not have a statistical background, and therefore, we have developed a session on Data Interpretation and RAISEonline Training for Governors.

Many new Governors are not aware of the importance of their role until they begin to take an active part in school meetings and proceedings.

This session aims to support Governors in understanding how to read and analyse school performance and progress data.

Data Interpretation training for GovernorsTM outline:

  • Getting Started – Introduction to RAISEonline and Data Interpretation
  • How to Analyse Performance and Progress Data
  • Analysis features in RAISEonline
  • Understanding Key Stages and Levels
  • VA (Value Added)
  • Attainment
  • Fischer Family Trust Estimates

All courses are delivered at your school. We require the use of an ICT Suite (or similar) for training.

We can also offer sessions on evenings and Saturdays.


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