Find out how enquiry-based CPD can benefit the classroom Enquiry-based CPD is de-mystified in this case-study at Colegrave Primary. Children explain how they think teachers keep up with good practice, then the programme introduces us to CPD leader, Kulvarn Atwal and a team of teachers. Traditional CPD was left behind when they picked their own enquiry topics, and we see the results in the classroom. Nicole Charalambous visited a nearby school to investigate target-setting for writing in Year 4; Sabiha Dadabahi experimented with Learning Journals in Year 1; Lando du Plooy worked directly with parents to develop ways they could be more involved with their Year 6 children’s learning, and Katie Black developed a marking scheme with her Year 5s themselves. Kulvarn reflects on the parallels between enabling children to learn, and being a good CPD facilitator.

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