ASSET for Secondary Schools

Advanced Statistical Software Evaluation Tool for School Improvement

Do you want to set students targets to reach Zero or significantly above Progress compare to National Average?

The ASSET for Schools can calculate Progress and Attainment scores for:

• Pupils
• Pupil Groups
• School Average
• Classroom
• Subject

Ofsted are interested how much progress schools are made compared to where pupils started and what is being done to address any identified issues.

The Advanced Statistical Software Evaluation Tool for School Improvement is closely linked to RAISEonline, will enable you to demonstrate to Ofsted how well you are helping your pupils make progress and fulfil their potential, especially those who require additional support, challenge and intervention.

The ASSET for Schools can serve as an excellent resource to show how much progress pupils have made in comparison to their starting points and help you evaluate individual pupils benefit from their school.

The ASSET for Schools will also enable you to evaluate the achievement of pupils against RAISEonline. You can demonstrate to OFSTED you are using ASSET to improve your progress across subjects. The evaluation schedule for the inspection of maintained schools and academies, The ASSET for Schools will also support you in providing the following crucial evidence to Ofsted:

• An analysis of Progress of pupils for the past three years, broken down by pupil groups
• An analysis of Progress and Attainment
• Records of progress against the key issues identified at the previous inspection
• Reviews of progress across subjects or departments
• Current levels of achievement and predictions for the end of the academic year

The ASSET for Schools will also enable you to evaluate evidence of progress in recent years and the progress and attainment of pupils currently in your school.

By using ASSET for Schools you will also be able to:

• Evaluate pupils’ learning and progress relative to their starting points at particular ages and combine to any assessment measures held in the school
• Evaluate the progress of pupils who have received intervention and/or additional support
• Evaluate the progress of any pupils who have joined the school at times other than the usual transfer times
• Measure levels of progress against national thresholds

When using the ASSET for Schools, you will be able to check whether the targets you have set for each pupil will ensure your school progress measure becomes significantly above or in line with the national average.

ASSET will also show if the targets you set are significantly above, below or in line with National averages when compared to RAISEonline national data.

The ASSET for Schools will support your school to calculate your current EYFS to Year 13 Progress and Attainment quickly and very easily for each key stage.

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ASSET for Secondary Schools

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