You’re Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

Advice on returning to work after maternity leave For teachers returning to work after maternity leave, there are many questions and concerns – like when to contact school, the working arrangements and demands on parental time.

New mum Clare Smith is head of history at St James’ Catholic High School in London. Now that baby Abigail is six months old, she’s beginning to plan her return to work.

Clare needs to know when she should confirm her date of return and what new arrangements she can put in place.

She’s also thinking about workload – how can she plan for parent/teacher evenings, for childcare and career progression. And if she decides not to go back to work at all, what happens?

Head of employment, rights and conditions at the NUT, Amanda Brown, answers each of Clare’s concerns in turn.

This programme was created by the Video Request Service in direct response to a request from the Teachers TV audience.

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