You Take Care

We explore three schools that take well-being seriously This programme looks at three ways in which teachers can and should look after themselves. Fran Brammer is a teacher who suffers severe migraines, often during the school day. She visits Dr Manuela Fontebasso, a GP who is an expert on headaches, for some advice.

Medway LEA takes well-being seriously. This programme visits two schemes the LEA has initiated: a Pilates workshop at Cuxton Community Junior School and a ‘positive touch’ workshop at Glencoe Junior School. Teachers and pupils benefit from both schemes.

Jamie Oliver isn’t the only chef who knows about healthy school meals. Savoy Hotel-trained David Lucas has been on a mission for the past few years to change what’s on offer at mealtimes for pupils and teachers. In his quest to change school dinners for the better, he acts as a consultant for five schools in and around Luton. David believes that a good diet makes life easier in the classroom, as both teachers and pupils have more energy to concentrate on lessons.

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