Work/Life Balance

A look at the progress of two new heads of department Andy Barnard and Jo Polle are both new Heads of Department. Andy is Head of Geography at St Peter’s School in Gloucester. At 25 he is an excellent classroom teacher but can he learn to manage a department of experienced staff, most of whom hold senior positions in the school.
Jo leads a staff of nearly 40 as Head of Learning Development at Waingel’s College in Reading. An experienced manager from Further Education, her challenge is learning to cope in a school.

In this series we follow both Jo and Andy throughout their first crucial summer term, gaining a fascinating and genuine insight into what it’s like to ‘start in the middle’.

The exam classes have now left so whilst the work load has lessened somewhat, the pressure about results is beginning to build. Andy is summoned to the Head’s office for a progress report. Jo’s year 10 class are proving particularly challenging. And we meet their families to find out how they are managing with Andy and Jo’s new responsibilities.

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