Working with Partner Schools

Exploring the idea of academies supporting other schools In this programme Headteachers from two schools, one that became an academy in 2010, one that will become an academy in 2011 share their thoughts.
It is a loose phrase, a commitment in principle, but Jon Whitcombe, the headteacher at Westlands is quick to say that in their case they have always tried to help other schools. For him, the process of school improvement is always tricky, but is a process that benefits both schools.
In Andrew Carter?s case, at South Farnham a local infants school has been struggling to find a headteacher, and Andrew would like to formally merge the schools to make one school of over 700 children. For him, it is about doing good, an old fashioned phrase, But there is no reason to do it financially, there is no more money, it is just a question of doing the right thing by your neighbourhood.

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