Working One to One

Following four TAs at work in the classroom This programme follows four teaching assistants (TAs) at The Earls High School in Halesowen, John Parry, a former engineer in his fifties, Cat Shuttleworth, a fine arts graduate, Alex Ohm, just out of college and Chris Davies, a mother and former judge’s clerk.

We see them at work in the classroom, working one-to-one with pupils from Years 7 – 9. Some of the pupils have behavioural or learning difficulties like Asperger’s Syndrome or Dyspraxia and one is a wheelchair user. We observe the TAs scribing, reinterpreting lessons and liaising with parents.

They later discuss the challenges and rewards of working with pupils one-to-one. Headteacher Tom Johnston and Head of Learning Support Ros Bartlett then give their views on the effectiveness of one-to-one working and the demands of working as a teaching assistant in a large secondary school.

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