Wellbeing (Tessa Livingstone)

Understanding more about improving early years’ wellbeing Shot at the European Early Childhood Research Association Conference, EECERA 2010, we feature Dr Tessa Livingstone, best known for her work with BBC?s Child of our Time. Tessa tells the 700 delegates of the appalling statistics on child stress that taken together put England at the bottom of the pile on wellbeing.

She offers potential solutions for early years practitioners, recommending making children feel welcome and recognised as the person they are at their setting. She promotes the value of chat, not just talking about the curriculum but about what children deem to be important.

Tessa relates her theory that the twenty first century is the era of the battery child, recommending that letting children have freedom to adventure is at the heart of improved wellbeing. She shows how this freedom has been eroded generation by generation. She concludes by rallying practitioners, she knows they are at the heart of raising levels of wellbeing.

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