Video in the Classroom

Making good use of video in Year 8 geography lessons Becky Acton Slaney teaches history and geography at the Samworth Enterprise Academy in Leicester. She sets out out to overcome her hesitation about using video in class by meeting Paul Cornish, head of geography at the Coopers? Company and Coborn School in Upminster. Paul uses video regularly to enhance his lessons. Becky observes a year 8 class in which students have to work out where video clips about surfing conditions (which Paul has recordedhimself) belong on a climate graph. They then script and record their own short video clips for a climate graph illustrating the impact of the climate at different times of year on a family in Alaska. Becky returns to her school and devises a class in which students produce video news items about d safety in the sun and transfer the clips to a computer. The students enjoy working with video and Becky is particularly positive about the fact that students who may find writing difficult , perform well on video.

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