Using Asthma on the Run

A Year 8 teacher tackles How Science Works by using video clips How Science Works is a key component of the Key Stage 3 science curriculum. At Sacred Heart High School in Hammersmith, the Year 8s have just started the Live and Kicking unit of the curriculum and this programme sees them undertaking the first lesson, Breathless.

The lesson is fully integrated with the new How Science Works programme, Asthma on the Run

The lessons have been developed around an e-model of learning with scientific inquiry as its basis. The lessons are divided up into stages which cover all the important learning functions. Asthma on the Run is used to engage the students at the start and sets up the central theme as well as explaining and elaborating on ideas throughout the lesson. Students carry out peak flow tests and measure total lung volume to investigate lung function.

There are curriculum materials fully integrated with the programme, plus additional CPD materials and bonus web clips.

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