Urban – Rural Exchange

London students experience life in a rural Cornwall school East-End London meets country Cornwall in this fascinating story of what happens when two groups of children from very different backgrounds get together. Students and teachers from the Tom Hood School in Leytonstone, east London, travel to the Sir James Smith’s School in Cornwall on the second leg of their rural-urban school exchange. We hear about the Cornish students’ visit to London, about the e-mails and video diaries the two groups of students have exchanged, and the expectations the London students have for their trip to Cornwall. We watch the groups being reunited and follow the London students as they are taken round the Cornish school, discussing the differences between it and their own. Over the course of the trip they go to a farm, paddle in the sea and explore the sites of Bude, constantly comparing this environment to their own back in London. We watch as the students’ understanding of one another, and their friendships, deepen. And we hear from teachers.

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