Under Pressure

Pressure mounts for the two West Bank schools The term continues in this unique series following the daily lives of two schools in Palestine as they struggle with the extraordinary pressures of life under an occupation. In this second part we see how the pressures inside and outside the two schools grow. King Talal boys school and Hajja Rushda girls school in the West Bank are still struggling with teachers issues, but as the teachers’ strike ends so concern over their erratic pay grows. Meanwhile the over-crowded classes make life stressful for teachers and students alike and when the boys school is landed with 42 more students, things come to a head. For some of the senior students the pressures are just too much to bear. Masar and Osaid, both writing exams while dealing with the Israeli prison system, get some mixed results while Tariq loses his temper and his place in school. Then, just when families are settling down for their Iftar celebrations, there is an ominous sign of trouble to come.

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