Trust Schools

Anil Basra investigates what a Trust status brings to a school All schools are now able to create charitable trusts – but what does this actually mean for governors and schools?

Anil Basra, himself a Chair of Governors, is intrigued by the claims made for trust schools. There’s a lot at stake – control of admissions, employment, land and assets; the make-up of the governing body; and relations with external partners.

Anil visits Mayfield School in Redbridge, which has had foundation status for five years. This has brought some of a trust school’s ‘freedoms’. But Anil hears tales of unexpected expense and additional workload, and a message that trust status is not on Mayfield School’s agenda. Then he goes to Monkseaton Community High School, the first school to begin formal consultations on becoming a trust, and hears of the school’s high hopes and positive expectations. Anil also meets with Judith Bennett, chair of the National Governors’ Association, to find out what governors across the country think about this controversial issue.

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