Traumatised Children

Tips on providing emotional support for EAL and SEN students For some children at Bristol Metropolitan Academy, it?s not enough to have starter English. Those children from worn- torn countries who have experienced deep trauma, need the kind of individual attention offered by veteran teacher Julie Miller in her Survival English Programme.

Julie Miller is 73, but despite attempting to retire is such an asset to her school they haven?t allowed her to leave. She talks about the things in her life which have inspired her to work with children who have emotional difficulties. Julie candidly talks about her childhood with a negative parent, life traumas which have lead her to believe in accentuating the positive with her students. Her programme both ensures they learn English but even more importantly, offers them a haven of well being and instils in them the confidence to learn.

This film shows 2 students who have made immense leaps from difficult circumstances into becoming successful and happy pupils.

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