Transitions: Building on Learning

Creating smooth EYFS transitions from nursery to reception and on At Clapham Manor, a primary school with an adjacent Children’s Centre, results at the end of KS1 weren’t as good as at KS2. They looked at transitions as a potential problem.

At the children’s centre, positive relationships have been built with parents, the partnership impacting on the initial assessment. As the year progresses, children make increasingly long visits to reception with their key person.

We see learning partners from KS2 visiting the nursery. Children make a celebration book which goes between home and school, and continues through into Year 1 as children review achievements. Data collection, the learning environment and routines stay the same from nursery into reception.

A Year 1 teacher has done a research study into pupil and parent expectation for Year 1 and as a result introduced child-initiated planning, role and outdoor play as part of the delivery of KS1.

The evidence points towards the building of bridges improving Clapham’s results.

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