Transactional Analysis

A scheme to develop emotional literacy and improve behaviour The pupils and staff of Grange Middle School in Harrow use Transactional Analysis (TA) to help to develop emotional literacy and improve behaviour.

TA is used by psychologists in counselling and has recently gained popularity in schools. It is based on Freudian theory and works by developing recognition of three ego states: parent, adult and child. Using this knowledge, children can identify which ego state they are using at any one time and whether it is the most appropriate state for the given circumstance.

TA relies on regular assemblies and the use of ‘circle time’, where children are encouraged to develop interpersonal skills through class discussion.

Headteacher Nicky Rosewell introduced the system in 2002 with the help of Giles Barrow, an educational consultant who uses the concepts of TA in his behaviour management work.

Since introducing the system, Nicky is confident that pupils and staff have benefited from a happier working and learning environment.

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