Training Opportunities

All you need to know about becoming a TA and further training What training do you need to become a teaching assistant? What training is given once you’ve started? These are just two of the questions covered by this programme, which looks at some of the opportunities available to secondary teaching assistants at The Earls High School.

The programme investigates the qualities and qualifications required to become a teaching assistant (TA). TAs and teachers discuss in-service training opportunities and reveal how peer support and ‘knowledge sharing’ perform vital training roles.

An Education Authority trainer visits the school to run a course for TAs on the ‘Key Stage 3 Writing Challenge’ and at a team meeting, the TAs feedback information they’ve received from a Visual Impairment training session.

Headteacher Tom Johnston gives a Head’s perspective on training and the future role of TAs, and assistant headteacher Ros Bartlett explains the value and function of the Learning and Curriculum Support update.

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