Training for Secondary TAs

TAs talk about their CPD at school Teaching assistants have often been thought of as a ‘Mum’s Army’ without their own coherent career structure and professional training plan. At Holmesdale Technology College in Kent senior management recognise the value and importance of teaching assistants, with the knowledge they carry about pupils and their individual needs, to effective learning in the school. This programme covers the training and career development of four TAs.
Tony Nicols has an engineering background and works with difficult boys; Julie Wood specialises in reading development in Special Needs with SENCO Kim Nash, herself an ex TA; Della Black, until recently a science TA at Holmesdale, now works in the library; and Juliet Miles works in ICT and business and is about to go on to train as a teacher.

Librarian Caroline Roche is responsible for the professional development of all non-teaching staff and has played a significant role in training TAs in the school.

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