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How weather and climate affect peoples’ jobs across the UK Travelling across the UK from east to west, we discover the impact day-to-day weather has on people’s lives and occupations. We meet a commercial fisherman on the east coast affected by wind direction and intensity; a farmer who plans his ploughing and other farming activities to make the most of rain and sunny spells; a tower-crane operator working at heights of 40 metres and more, who receives special wind forecasts that alert him to gusts and wind speed. We also visit the National Grid gas control centre, where they monitor weather 24 hours a day to be able to keep track of supply and demand in changing temperatures, and speak to an Environment Agency officer who monitors rainfall and the chance of flooding. For mountain rescue volunteers on the Brecon Beacons, all types of weather play a significant part both in terms of the likelihood of being called out, and how they respond to a rescue; and for a surfer on the west coast of Wales, the best conditions are light offshore breezes.

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