The Victorians

Five videos to help KS2 history pupils explore Victorian Britain Five lesson starters, each exploring a different aspect of life in Victorian Britain:
The School Room: four children find themselves transported back in time to a Victorian classroom where the teacher gives them a lesson in Victorian school life.
The Great Exhibition, 1851: a young printer excitedly describes the Great Exhibition that is about to open in London. He describe some of the exhibits, including the world’s biggest diamond and Britain’s first public toilets.
Brunel’s SS Great Britain: Isambard Kingdom Brunel is interviewed alongside his trans-Atlantic passenger liner the SS Great Britain.
Florence Nightingale: during her ward rounds, Florence Nightingale talks about lack of medical knowledge, the risk of infection to patients, and her hopes for developing modern nursing methods.
The Workhouse: poet James Reynolds writes a rhyming letter to his sister about life in the Newmarket workhouse.

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